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EOTech G33 3X Magnifier Review in 2021 Best Magnifier for Red Dot Sight

EOTech G33 3X Magnifier

Are you looking for an excellent magnifier to add to your riffle, then the EOTech G33 magnifier is your best bet? It adds versatility and to your rifle and optic. It’s this simple yet one-of-a-kind addition that gives your riffle and outstanding lift to become one of your best sports tools. It simplifies your work of identifying a target more straightforward while ready for engagement. 

While using normal sight without a magnifier, you can hit targets of 100 yards without missing. If you want to improve your game to the next level and get the mark of 500 yards and above, then a combination of your holographic or red dot with an EoTech G33 3X magnifier will make your dream come true. 

With 3X magnification, your targets are clear and concise as a small target magnifies three times. The price is unbeatable compared with the features of EoTech G33 has and how useful they are. It also works perfectly well for the close range. 

Let’s look at the G33 3X magnifier overview. 

Overview of EOTech G33 3X Magnifier

EOTech G33 is an improved version of all other previous EOTech magnifiers. It is a holographic sight that has interesting features in a smaller version. If you are haven’t used any of the EoTech magnifiers, then it’s time you got one because they do what exactly you expect them to do. 

EOTech offers quality optics without magnifiers, so you are sure with magnifiers, they are the best. It comes in an awesome EOTech standard box. The box is shockproof and waterproof, custom-made to fit everything that comes with the EOTech magnifier. You will get the magnifier, mount, spacer, cleaning cloth for the optics, and instruction manual in the box. 

Let’s look at EOTech G33 specifications: 





Field Overview


Water Resistant



3.9 inches 

Eye Relief

2.2 inches

EOTech G33 has a fixed magnification of 3X with an optimal eye relief of 2.2 inches. Its design fits mostly for Picatinny rails, although it works other riffles well despite limited spaces. It is light, weighing 11.9 oz with a length of 3.9 inches. 

It has two height settings that are easy to configure on the rail using the spacer. It is easy to switch from side to side using the release button press unlatching to the side, and with just one turn, it moves to the direction you want it to use. EOTech G33 has no reticle; therefore, used just for magnification and needs to be combined with a sight. Adding a G33 3X magnifier to a holographic sight will magnify your sight’s reticle with a holographic projection system. 

The magnifier is sturdy and made of quality products, with the magnifier’s rear featuring an adjustable diopter that seems stiff when you turn. Quick to install and detach, and spacer installation is easy because it needs only two screws. 

What makes EOTech G33 a Good Option?

The price of the EOTech G33 is out of the question; where can you get such a quality magnifier with low prices than EOTech? You are right. It’s the best magnifier you will lay your hands on. EOTech optics are of high quality such that you can use them for 22 yards without a red dot. When you use a red dot, you are sure to go over 500 yards with a clear and sharp target view. 

The installation is extremely easy, and the detach is quicker than any other magnifier. It is made with durable material to withstand harsh weather conditions. the G33 magnifier is shock-resistant, water, and dustproof. 

When G33 has an adjacent diopter and works perfectly well when combined with a red dot, you can focus the dot in the right circle, giving you the proper acquisition for your target. The 2.2-inch eye relief is super and gives your eyes ease of focusing on the target. 

What you Need to Check Out Before Settling for EOTech G33 3X Magnifier 

Before purchasing any item, here are things you check out that will convince you to buy or opt for another item. The same applies to Magnifiers, and each product is unique in its ways. Let’s look at What EOTech G33 has that puts it above the rest. 

Eye Relief

EOTech G33 has an eye relief of 2.2 inches. It means you have to move around 3-5 inches away from the rear lens. Some users find such eye relief disappointing, while others are fine with it as long as they the perfect view. 


Mounting is quick and simple, maybe one of the fastest magnifiers you will ever find in the market. It has two mounts, the detach lever that fits both the 1weaver and Mil-STD-1913 rail. Easy to flip to the side and have vertical and horizontal adjustments that enable you to adjust the center’s reticle. It does not affect the zero. 

Why you Should Consider Buying EOTech G33 3X Magnifier. 

Lens Quality

If there is something that EOTech does not comprise on, it’s the quality of their optics. The glass lens is crystal clear and does not blur nor distort your viewing. The glass is multicoated to prevent reflection of the image. The magnifying lens offers 3x magnification, and that what it does. There is no light loss or any color shift from the magnifier. 


EOTech G33 is built with high-quality products and has a rubber coating that is water and shockproof. The design for mounting with any red dot or holographic sight. It has a clean finish, and the optics is of quality. Its dust, fog, and waterproof and can stand harsh weather conditions. 


It’s perfect for both mid and long-range use when combined with holographic sight or red dot. If you are looking to upgrade to long-range use, then EOTech G33 is the magnifier to connect with your red dot. When you have a G33 magnifier, you don’t need to purchase any long-range scope. The magnifier will do the work with great image views that are crisp clear. 


When It comes to accessibility, no magnifier comes close with ease like EOTech G33. It comes with a quick disconnect mount to ease the process with a temporary release base. It flips to the side easily, meaning if you are right-handed, you can use the left side, and if you are right-handed, you can use the right side. It weighs less even when combined with a red dot or holographic sight; the weight is manageable. 


  • once you receive yourEOTechG33 you will notice is the two mounts that come and spacer that enables the different mountings. 
  • It has the quality and crystal-clear glass that have a coating to reduce the reflection of images.
  • It has a fixed 3X magnification.
  • It’s well built with a solid construction, and it is durable, you can rely on to last for years, serving you well.
  • It has an outer rubber coating that is shockproof, meaning the point of contact is not affected.
  • Easy to mount in any riffle and use, and the same goes for detaching.
  • Great for MD and long-range use when combined with a red dot or holographic sight.
  • Great for perfect target acquisition and training


  • Some people say it is a little heavy when combined with a red dot or holographic sight.
  • It has 2.2 eye relief.

Scopes that work perfectly well with EOTech G33 Magnifier

EOTech G33 3X magnifier can be merged with any red dot or holographic sight to give you the best view. If you are seeking for a red dot or holographic sight for your EOTech G33 magnifier, I have the perfect scopes for you. Read the reviews below before you buy one. 

EOTech 512

It is a classic holographic sight, and it’s what you would picture when you think of a holo sight. When you want a cheaper yet quality sight to merge with a G33 magnifier, EOTech 512 is the sight. It’s an older version, but it uses the same optics, glass, technology, and glass as all other EOTech models use. 

It has a reticle of 1 MOA covering 1 inch for 100 yards while inside a circle of 68 MOA. When joined with the G33 3X magnifier, it offers rapid acquisition to the target with target shooting. The sight uses AA batteries that last for 1000 hours. It has an absolute co-witness with iron sights of 15 in height. It’s also very durable, and the internal optics are fog-resistant. 


an improved version of 512, and It is lighter and smaller. It comes under 4 inches long and the smallest holographic from EOTech. It is light in weight, and when combined with the G33 magnifier, it is less in weight compared to the 512. t is one advantage of having XPS2 with your G33 working together is it will reduce the weight on your riffle without compromising on the quality of your view. The battery is an upgrade to a single-lit battery that lasts up to 6 hours of full brightness. 


EXPS3 is compatible with night vision. Most holographic signs have 20 brightness settings that are all for daylight usage. The extreme EXPS3 has ten more that are darker than any daylight setting. It makes EXPS3 comparable with the night vision of the first generation to the third generation. 

It is easy to set up EXSP3 and G33 magnifier because the EXSP3 holographic sight has its controls on the side rather than on the rear unit. You will put your magnifier at the top, and you are ready to roll, and you will not have to squeeze your hands on the small space to turn it on. 

It has more reticle options, and you choose what works best for you. When you use the 1 MOA dot combined with the G33 magnifier, you will be able to engage targets as far as 500 yards without missing a hit. 

It also comes with a quick detach built-in mount, and this makes a perfect match with G33 as it also has a quick detach mount. The quick detach mount raises its height over the drill, making have a lower one-third co-witness than the usual absolute co-witness. 

EOTech 518

When you use the EOTech 518 holographic sight with a G33 3X magnifier, the results are amazing. You can get well-magnified targets that are clear and precise. To get these results, you need to put the magnifier front very close at the sight’s back. Most of the red dot and holographic sights or reflex have their controls on the rear, making a little uncomfortable when turning your sight. EOTech realized the problem and made 518 with rules on the side to ease your usage. It makes it easy to use the G33 magnifier, whether in a fixed potion or flipped to the side. 

Aimpoint T-1 Red Dot

One of the best red dot sights from Aimpoint, T-1 red dot, is built with quality aircraft material to withstand harsh weather conditions. It is smaller than many Aimpoint red dots and light in weight, making it the best combination with a G33 3x magnifier for your riffle to carry around as they are both very light in weight. With 1x fixed magnification and a magnifier of 3X exaggeration, it makes it easy together. 

Aimpoint Pro

Do you want to upgrade your sport level, then try using merging Aimpoint pro red dot with EOTech G33 3X magnifier? The magnification pushes the scope beyond its limit giving you precise target acquisitions that are clear and magnified three times. You will not miss any hit on your target even when they are hundreds of yards away. The red dot has a front-rear flip that keeps the lens protected when not in use by closing, ensuring no moisture or gets into the lens. 


When you want a magnifier that can help magnify to hundred yards without a red dot, then EOTech G33 magnifier 3X magnifier is what you need. EOTech optics are quality, and their glass is very clear. The G33 is easy to set up and use.

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