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Vortex Sparc II Red Dot Scope Review in 2021 with Best Magnifier Combo

Vortex Sparc II Red Dot

When you need a tactical red dot optic at a budget-friendly Vortex Sparc II red dot is unbeatable. It is a small red dot sight perfectly designed with a closed reflex screen, unlike the many smaller red dots with the open screen. 

Vortex Sparc II red dot is a delight and types of firearms in the market. There was a big difference between the high-priced quality red dot and the cheaper red dot sights that did not meet most red dot users’ expectations. 

Vortex comes to equalize the market with quality optic like the red II Sparc red dot. Every firearm enthusiast can own a quality red dot without having to break the bank. 

If you are unsure why Vortex Sparc II red dot is the best you will in the market, let’s look at it in depth for more and better understanding. 

Overview of Vortex Sparc II Red Dot

Sparc II is an upgraded version of Sparc red that had some issues, and from the customers’ review, Vortex come up with the upgrade as SPARC II. The abbreviation of SPARC is Speed Point Aiming for Rapid Combat. 

On the packaging, the Sparc II comes with a spacer, two mounts, hex key, torques wrench, two flip cups that can you can remove easily, cleaning cloth, extra CR2032-volt, and a lot of screws for mounting different heights. 

Before going any further, let’s look at Sparc II technical. 



Eye Relief


Adjustment Graduation

1 MOA 

Objective Lens Diameter


Parallax Setting

 Parallax Free 

Travel Per Rotation

45 MOA 

Max Windage Adjustment

90 MOA

Max Elevation Adjustment

90 MOA 


5.9 ounces 

3.1 inches 


2 inches 

Sparc II has controls that are easy to access even when you combine the red dot with magnifiers or night devices as they have their location on the left side of the objective lens. Two buttons turn the optic on and off when they go round the two IR levers and eight red dot intensities. 

It uses a2 MOA dot on ten severity settings with two on the lower designed for night vision. Vortex Sparc II Red Dot uses a CR2032 battery that promises 300 hours when the grounds are very bright and 5000 hours when you set it on low brightness? Sparc II is built to extend battery life by turning off after 12 hours of no interaction with controls. There is a pair of flip flop that covers the lenses. 

Its design has different heights to be mounted depending on your preference. These mountings support inline firearms such as Ars, shotguns, and AKs. There is an additional spacer for people who prefer to use iron sights with a third co-witness. 

It’s a well thought red dot where the elevation and windage covers are engrossed, and you can use them to adjust turrets as may when using the rimmed case. The markings of the adjustments are visible, tangible, and transparent. 

Vortex Sparc II is parallax free which means it doesn’t matter where you keep your eye on the rear of the sight. The point of impact will not change on the dot. It will help if you put your red dot to zero while doing it. It also comes with unlimited eye relief, so you can mount it anywhere you want. 

Build with the first-grade aircraft, aluminum is durable and can strongly endure the harsh environment. The out part is iodized matt finish and filled with nitrogen making it water and frog proof. It’s a design where a user can reach the controls quickly and adjust sight with a touch. 

The windage adjustment knobs have cups to become very tight and secure when you secure them, yet it is elementary to remove them. The knobs come with smaller slots to adjust easily using a screwdriver, yet with a raised section that enables you to use them as an adjustment. 

Vortex has a friendly customer that you are likely to come across. They offer a warranty known as V.I.P (significant promise) that states that they will repair the scope if damaged or faulty free of charge. 

Is Vortex Sparc II a Good Option?

Vortex Sparc II costs much less than many ranges, and it’s light in weight. It comes with three mounting pieces that are making it more versatile. The four different heights make the scope easy to mount on any rifle, and you can set the co-witness with iron. 

The Sparc II red dot sight is easy to use on various devices that need aiming, giving the user an aiming point: the red dot. It’s fast to purchase and easy for multiple gun applications. Both professionals and non-professionals can use them. 

With a 2 MOA diameter and no magnifier, Sparc II can use any magnifier compatible with a red dot. It has t10 different brightness settings having the lowest two as night visibility. It’s easy to flip the red dot instead of using the variable. 

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Vortex Sparc II

Before purchasing any product, there are things you need to put into consideration. No product is perfect, and at times you may need to compromise on something that is not too important to you to get what you need. 

Below will go through some critical aspects that you need o check out before you settle for Vortex Sparc II. 

Eye Relief

Most holographic and red dot sight has displayed some amount of parallax. However, Sparc II red dot has no parallax effect. If it has no parallax effect, it means it has unlimited eye relief. It means if you put your parallax to zero, the red dot remains at the point of contact. 


Vortex Sparc II comes with different mountains, enabling you to use it on any riffle like R15 or shotguns. These are the 18mm while using the low mount, 21mm, when you use the spacer’s low support. When you use the high mount alone, you attain a 37 mm and 40 mm mounting when you combine the high mount with a spacer. Durability 

Sparc II is built with first-grade air-craft aluminum making it tough and durable. The outer part has aluminum military finishing to ensure it endures in all weather conditions. The finishing black matte color gives it a robust and elegant look. It is iodized, becoming fog. 

Lens Quality

The optics and the glass quality give high quality with a well-portioned field of view. Compared to the price, they are top quality, and it is hard to find such quality glass within the price range. It uses the 2 MOA red dot. The lens is fully multicoated with a non-reflective milord. 


The Spar II red dot is excellent at accuracy, whether in a long-range or short distance. The red doe 2 MOA does not impact the target, whether on a long or short range. It makes it easy to precisely estimate the mark on 2 MOA compared to 3 or 6 MOA. It is also easy to combine with a magnifier. 


Vortex Sparc II has a fixed magnification of 1x that enables you to see your target clearly and concisely with a blur of the image. The dot can be adjected in 10 different levels the same as the brightness. The objective lens diameter is 22mm with 90 MOA windage and adjustments made in elevation to 1 MOA step. 


  • Vortex Sparc II gives you value for your money. When packed, it comes with Scope caps, an optional raiser, and two mounts. Nothing comes any closer to this at the price range. 
  • IT uses a CR2032 battery that lasts long and is readily available in the market. 
  • Sparc II has unlimited eye relief with free is parallax. It is a feature found in high-end red dots. 
  • Build for durability with its rugged surface, which is shockproof, waterproof, and purged in nitrogen to become fog-proof. Its durability enables it to work in any weather. 
  • The scope caps are tethered to the scope; hence it is unlikely to lose them. 
  • Easy to operate the turrets as the elevation and windage caps contain an adjustment tool built in the. 
  • The Sparc II brightness is unbeatable with a ten-brightness setting, the view of the target is crystal clear. 
  • The layout and controls are simplified and easy to use. 
  • The lenses are multicoated to give you a clear target and reduce reflection. 
  • Once you reset to zero, the settings do.t change. 
  • It is easy to pick up for the dot, being a 2 MOA, a feature that you can mostly find in more expensive red dots. 
  • Different mounts make Sparc II red dot versatile as you can use it on any rifle or shotgun. 
  • It can be combined with Aimpoint T1 magnifier with quick mounting and detach mounts. 
  • The Vortex warranty is unbeatable as they promise to repair their products at no cost and have superb customer care. 


  • Some users find the digital buttons and dials not appealing, especially for those who want to adjust their intensity. 
  • Sparc II has no optical magnification, so you may need to combine it with a magnifier. 
  • Some users think the caps tethering needs some improvement. 
  • The buttons that control the brightness level up and down are unresponsive and stiff. 
  • Red dots sights seem to affect people with astigmatism because of the brightness it is not clear. 

Best Magnifiers for Vortex Sparc II Red Dot Sight

Sparc II optic does not have magnifiers; as said earlier in the review Sparc II is an upgrade of vortex Sparc after customers complained of its magnification. As a change vortex got Sparc II without any magnifiers. If you want a better and magnified target, especially for In the long-range, let’s look at: 

Best Magnifiers that work Great with Vortex Sparc II

Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier

The VMX-3T is a fast and effective magnifier with a push button that locks it in place when it engages or disengages the flip mount. With a fixed magnification of 3x when combined with Sparc II, it pushes the scope to its limit by magnifying targets of 100 yards and beyond. It’s also light in weight, so you don’t have to worry about having too much weight on your riffle. It’s one of the best combinations you can have. 

Vortex Micro 3X Magnifier

When looking for magnification versatility with your red dot, think of nothing else apart from the vortex 3X magnifier. It integrates a quick release to allow for a faster attach or detach when there is a direct impact on the magnifier it engages or disengages. The flip flop enables right or left use. When you work with both Sparc II red dots with a 3x magnifier, you can get the perfect acquisition on your target. 

Aimpoint 3X Mag-1

The Aimpoint 3X magnification is a high-quality module. When combined with Sparc II red dot, it gives extended range on your target. It uses high-quality optic giving the user clear images despite the distance. When paired with the Sparc II red dot, it provides the user with a long-range target combined with magnification. It gives you a rapid CQB aiming with a fast-moving target. 

EOTech G33 Magnifier

It integrates with Sparc II red dot as it is a non-magnifying glass enabling you to hit the targets you may initially find challenging. It extends the effectiveness with up to 350 yards where you can be able to hit sizeable targets. The magnifier has horizontal and vertical adjustments giving you the enabling to choose reticle location. 


Vortex Sparc II screams value in every way. From price, ruggedness, durability, effectiveness, and reliability. It is easy to use, has clear glass, and holds to zero. It’s hard to find a red dot-like Sparc II at this price range, and you may need to dig deeper into your pocket to get vortex Sparc II quality from a different brand. The four mounting heights make the vortex suitable for use in any riffle. The VIP warranty from Vortex is unbeatable and it is helpful for those looking to buy used Sparc II redo dot. 


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